What is I.M.A.G.IN.E®?

Intensive Model (for Autism) of Generative INstruction Excellence is the name of the validated Precision Teaching system developed by Dr Giordana Hrga, specifically to accelerate the learning of children with autism. The main body of Dr Hrga’s thesis, The Child Knows Best: The Strategies and Tactics of Accelerated Learning is available to purchase here.

Dr Hrga’s thesis provides detailed evidence and ratio data that confirms the reliability of I.M.A.G.IN.E® to produce consistent results. The practical version of The Child Knows Best is embedded in our teaching and learning resources: Level 1 – 7.

I.M.A.G.IN.E Flow Chart

A precision teaching system of strategies and their tactics that accelerate independent learning.

How does I.M.A.G.IN.E® work?

I.M.A.G.IN.E® combines evidence-based instructional practice with a universal measuring system. Designed to monitor the efficiency and validity of a child’s learning progress, I.M.A.G.IN.E® measures the acceleration and deceleration of performance over calendar time.

Frequency is the key to accelerating learning. If it counts, it’s counted! Acceleration means how often – not how fast – a skill or action can be performed.

The focus is direction.

How does I.M.A.G.IN.E® compare to other instructional methods?

While all education and school-based instruction focuses on accuracy of performance, I.M.A.G.IN.E® adopts three dimensions: performance over clock-time, over calendar time.

It is rare that mainstream education uses universal measures to monitor a student’s longitudinal learning over time. At best, a measure of accuracy, such as “90% correct” or a grade, such as “B+”, is used. At worst, a teacher’s opinion serves as validation of a child’s performance, with labels such as “developing” or “competent”.

In general, the mainstream teacher controls all aspects of the instruction, and all instruction stops when a teacher-defined performance goal is reached. In I.M.A.G.IN.E® the learner controls the instruction, and “learns how to learn”, rendering the teacher as a guide. Some educational systems have computer-based learning that allows a degree of learner control.  This type of learning is usually formatted as a singular “learning channel” – it does not guarantee skill transfer across other contexts, or alternate environments.

  • View the research data in, The Child Knows Best: The Strategies and Tactics of Accelerated Learning  – PhD Thesis

Is I.M.A.G.IN.E® suitable for my child, or student, at any age?

I.M.A.G.IN.E® defines the core component skills for all learning, and orders them in a way that allows the components to combine – and recombine – so that composite skills form readily, with minimum additional instruction, over brief time intervals. Each of the 7 levels of I.M.A.G.IN.E® is ordered by developmental milestones considered typical for the nominated age. Level 1 is aimed at early intervention as it is essential to ACT IMMEDIATELY if you have serious concerns about your child’s development.

Children develop at different rates, and some of the behaviours may still be emerging. Where a child genuinely has developmental delays, I.M.A.G.IN.E® allows implementation of component skills for a child of any chronological who lack the specific skills. I.M.A.G.IN.E® can accelerate learning and give your child a head-start in all pre-academic skills before they begin formal schooling.

A Developmental Checklist is provided here only as a broad guide of the stages of typical child development, and indicators of developmental delay. It is not inclusive of all aspects of development, and is not a standardised checklist. For a formal standardised assessment of your child’s development, please contact us for a Developmental Consultation.

Developmental Assessment requires a one-hour parent/carer interview with one of our qualified interviewers (which can occur via any voice medium), and a written report is issued within 5 business days following the interview.

Can anyone teach I.M.A.G.IN.E®?

The step-by-step instruction offered in the Journey Levels 1 through 4 allows anyone to learn and implement the basic principles of I.M.A.G.IN.E®. The Journey Levels 5 through 7 then offer some advanced principles of Generative Instruction strategy that can be applied to any curriculum content. Check our Journey Levels 1-7 overview here.

An advanced Precision Teaching course is currently being developed specifically for qualified teachers and registered therapists who wish to accelerate the learning of the children with whom they work. This advanced course involves participant assessment – which must be met according to standardised competency criteria – for the certificate to be issued. Failure to meet the criteria will require additional training, until competency standards are reached before a certificate is issued.

The I.M.A.G.IN.E® Teacher License course will be available in early 2018. A Teacher Register will be established on our website for those who become licensed. The course involves direct one-on-one mentoring, so participant numbers are limited. Updates for course commencement will be posted regularly on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and our website blog.

Licensing  pre-registration is available immediately due to participant limits. A wait list will be established once a current course enrolment quota fills. Enrolment requires that you have prerequisite qualifications. Pre-registration details are here.

How much does I.M.A.G.IN.E® cost and what support do I get?

I.M.A.G.IN.E® defines the core component skills for all learning, and orders them in a way that allows the components to combine and recombine so that composite skills form readily – with minimum additional instruction – over brief time intervals.

I.M.A.G.IN.E®  is a “learn as you go” Precision Teaching system that has 7 Levels of programming. The skills that are attached to each level are ordered by developmental age.  Level 1 through Level 4 are aimed at early intervention in preparation for school. However, using the instructions in Level 1, you can apply the instructional tactics to any skill for any child. The key to accelerated learning is how you implement and measure the instruction, not the curriculum content itself.

The Product Levels Overview details costs and support. The Levels will be released in stages over the next 12 months, through to October 2018.

Regardless of a child’s developmental or chronological age, Level 1 is the prerequisite to Level 2, and so on right through the 7 levels. It is not possible to skip levels, as each level is the building block to the next, but you may not need every specific skill associated with each level depending on your child’s development.

Registration at Level 1 is essential, as it entitles you to access all other levels.By purchasing Level 1, you become a registered I.M.A.G.IN.E® client, with a unique registration number that is either allotted to your child, if you are a family member, or to yourself, if you are a teacher/therapist.

Registration entitles you to one FREE data-based email consultation for each Level to support you on your steps throughout the I.M.A.G.IN.E® Journey, and gives you access to all our products and services, and obtain discounts as further products become available. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us.

Can I ask another question about I.M.A.G.IN.E®?

Yes! Please visit our Ask Dr Hrga page. This blog will collate relevant questions and answers about teaching and learning, and in future will showcase the Learning Pictures (accelerated learning data) of children who have undertaken I.M.A.G.IN.E®.

Blog discussion about accelerated learning and Precision Teaching is our priority.